Covid-19 has us staying home and staying safe. Getting enough exercise without regular “gym time” has been a real challenge for my clients who require a routine and regimen to stay on top of their fitness and mental well being.

If you’re fortunate to be able to designate a space for a home gym, you need to start with a good foundation. Two flooring types I recommend are rubber and cork.

Rubber and Cork are:

Water resistant: A water based coating allows you to bring on the sweat! Simply wipe clean

Shock absorbing: Easy on joints (perfect for sensitive knees)

Durable: 2-3 times more resilient than wood flooring and vinyl plank

Fashionable: Available in several styles and colors (vivid colors and unique pattern)

Cork takes the edge over rubber in that cork is also:

Healthy: Naturally antimicrobial, it repels mold and mildew and has zero harmful chemicals

Sustainable: The bark of the cork oak tree is harvested every 9 years without harming the tree

Warm: A thermal insulator, it reflects your body heat back to you Rubber and cork floors are available in tiles, planks, and rolls of various sizes. Most can be glued down or floated to create simple or intricate patterns. As a designer, I am a huge fan of the unique and different. So many options in this category!