I am excited to introduce water-proof hardwood flooring to our midwest market. If you’ve always wanted the natural beauty of real wood, but determined that wood was too fragile for you or your kids and pets; think again!

The technology involves pairing a stone polymer core with a top cut of wood in a wide plank, interlocking format. The core will not absorb water, so spills that would normally seep through a traditional hardwood floor won’t damage these floors. This core is extremely dent resistant and has the nick-name “rigid core” in our industry. The floating installation and overall thickness of 5/16″ is perfect for remodeling. (It installs over several types of existing flooring).

As a natural hardwood, the cost runs a little more than luxury vinyl but much less than traditional hardwood. Now I have a real wood flooring option that can handle the pets and the kids and still have money left over for new counters and updated lighting! A huge bonus is the finish is renewable (simple screen / recoat to eliminate scratches). 

So, yes, it’s waterproof, dent resistant, and renewable, but my favorite aspect of these floors is how gorgeous they look. I recently toured a design show where I was able to see several styles installed. I was blown away by the hickory, white oak, walnut, and maple options. The rustic hickory was my favorite!