Summer is here and I am updating our design center to
stay engaged with my passion for products during the
challenges of Covid-19. My work life tends to mirror my
home life. I love to rearrange, re-organize, and refresh!
I’m especially excited to share Karastan’s new hardwood
and luxury vinyl plank lines with you.

Karastan BelleLuxe and Karastan Luxecraft debuted in
Las Vegas last January and my samples are finally here.
A collection of stylish hardwoods and unique luxury vinyl
planks, their designs are sure to win over my most
discerning clients. Their campaign encourages a “Live
Beautifully” philosophy that I relate to. Why not live
beautifully? I don’t want anyone to live hideously!

Karastan’s tagline is “Better than nature intended.”
Now, I’m a wood nerd, so this was taking marketing a bit
too far in my opinion. And then I saw the line. Wow.
They’re gorgeous.

With the best design team in the industry, Karastan took
inspiration from fallen old growth trees, vintage barn
beams, and weathered fences to create a stunning
assortment to choose from. You can preview their latest
designs on