Working Out At Home

Covid-19 has us staying home and staying safe. Getting
enough exercise without regular “gym time” has been a
real challenge for my clients who require a routine and
regimen to stay on top of their fitness and mental well

If you’re fortunate to be able to designate a space for a
home gym, you need to start with a good foundation. Two
flooring types I recommend are rubber and cork.

Rubber and Cork are:

Water resistant: A water based coating allows you to
bring on the sweat! Simply wipe clean

Shock absorbing: Easy on joints (perfect for sensitive

Durable: 2-3 times more resilient than wood flooring
and vinyl plank

Fashionable: Available in several styles and colors
(vivid colors and unique pattern

Cork takes the edge over rubber in that cork is also:

Healthy: Naturally antimicrobial, it repels mold and
mildew and has zero harmful chemicals

Sustainable: The bark of the cork oak tree is harvested
every 9 years without harming the tree

Warm: A thermal insulator, it reflects your body heat
back to you Rubber and cork floors are available in tiles, planks, and rolls of various sizes. Most can be glued down or floated to
create simple or intricate patterns. As a designer, I am a
huge fan of the unique and different. So many options in
this category!

Waterproof Hardwood Flooring

I am excited to introduce water-proof hardwood flooring
to our midwest market. If you’ve always wanted the
natural beauty of real wood, but determined that wood
was too fragile for you or your kids and pets; think again!

The technology involves pairing a stone polymer core
with a top cut of wood in a wide plank, interlocking
format. The core will not absorb water, so spills that
would normally seep through a traditional hardwood
floor won’t damage these floors. This core is extremely
dent resistant and has the nick-name “rigid core” in our
industry. The floating installation and overall thickness
of 5/16″ is perfect for remodeling. (It installs over several
types of existing flooring).

As a natural hardwood, the cost runs a little more than
luxury vinyl but much less than traditional hardwood.
Now I have a real wood flooring option that can
handle the pets and the kids and still have money left
over for new counters and updated lighting! A huge
bonus is the finish is renewable (simple screen / recoat
to eliminate scratches).

So, yes, it’s waterproof, dent resistant, and renewable,
but my favorite aspect of these floors is how gorgeous
they look. I recently toured a design show where I was
able to see several styles installed. I was blown away by
the hickory, white oak, walnut, and maple options. The
rustic hickory was my favorite!

Karastan Rebrands with Real Wood and Luxury Vinyl Plank

Summer is here and I am updating our design center to
stay engaged with my passion for products during the
challenges of Covid-19. My work life tends to mirror my
home life. I love to rearrange, re-organize, and refresh!
I’m especially excited to share Karastan’s new hardwood
and luxury vinyl plank lines with you.

Karastan BelleLuxe and Karastan Luxecraft debuted in
Las Vegas last January and my samples are finally here.
A collection of stylish hardwoods and unique luxury vinyl
planks, their designs are sure to win over my most
discerning clients. Their campaign encourages a “Live
Beautifully” philosophy that I relate to. Why not live
beautifully? I don’t want anyone to live hideously!

Karastan’s tagline is “Better than nature intended.”
Now, I’m a wood nerd, so this was taking marketing a bit
too far in my opinion. And then I saw the line. Wow.
They’re gorgeous.

With the best design team in the industry, Karastan took
inspiration from fallen old growth trees, vintage barn
beams, and weathered fences to create a stunning
assortment to choose from. You can preview their latest
designs on

Carpet Trend: Silky & Soft

Even though the carpet footprint has shrunk in today’s
modern floor plan, consumers are absolutely loving the
luxurious feel of the extremely soft carpet styles. These
synthetic yarns utilize the latest technology to combine
performance with the ultimate comfort. If you’re thinking
about new carpet for a bedroom or family room, here are a
few reasons you may want to consider this carpet trend!

1) Soft Feel: Their soft and silky texture is so dreamy that
you wish you wouldn’t have to put the furniture back after
the installation! Karastan’s Smartstrand Silk and Mohawk’s
Innovia Touch are two popular brands that have the softest
textures on the market. Rivaling the softest make-up
brushes, the feel is truly impressive!

2) Durability: The recent technology creates an extremely
crush resistant yarn that holds its shape and texture.
With the lowest claim rate in the carpet industry, designers,
builders, retailers and homeowners are all happy with
the results.

3) Easy to Clean: Everyone appreciates a carpet that is easy
to clean, but this is especially true for active families with
pets and kids. Bring on the pet stains, coffee, red wine, soda,
pizza sauce and more. These styles are guaranteed to come
clean, and they clean up quickly.

4) Sustainable / Affordable: Most styles are made with
100% recyclable plastics or with 37% less petroleum than traditional nylon brands. This is great for the environment,
and also great on your wallet as most of these yarns are a
fraction of the cost of nylon and wool.

Why I Love Herringbone Design

When I think herringbone I certainly don’t think of the
bone structure of a herring fish (where the name
originates). I imagine beautiful textiles and stunning
interior design concepts! I confess I am an art history
nerd, and being such I wanted to shed some light on this
classic design.

History: Did you know that the herringbone pattern dates
back to the Roman empire? We are talking roughly 500
B.C.! The Romans were a rather ingenious bunch and they
invented this interlocking pattern of criss-crossing
chevrons to absorb the weight of movement on their roads.
The design basically went extinct after “The Fall” until it
experienced a rebirth in the Renaissance. And really, if it’s
good enough for the palace of Versailles, might you want
to consider how to use this design in your modern home?

Classic Modern: These two words have guided several
clients to their style identity. Classic means the design is
founded in history and it will never (NEVER) go out of
style. Modern refers to applying these classic elements
in new and exciting ways. A can’t lose combo if you
wish to update with a sense of timelessness. Take a look
at the various ways herringbone can make your home a
“WOW” today.

Floors With Pattern

One of the favorite parts of my job is touring trade shows.
Back in January of 2017, I was amazed at how many
patterned floors were on display. Trends tend to begin on
the east and west coast in the U.S., and eventually make
their way over to those of us tough enough to live in the
midwest. If you pick up a current issue of a home design
or home decor magazine you will see examples of floors
that are quite dramatic.

Floors with pattern create interest and make a statement.
They can be a “WOW” element of interior design. In the
right space it can add just the right amount of pizzazz, and
can be exactly what the homeowner is envisioning. Interior
styling that is fresh, clean, and minimal with regards to
walls and furnishings tend to offer the best opportunity for
active floors that can anchor the entire space.
Here are a few versions of how this trend can translate to
a room:

This trend is definitely more bold and not for everyone.
Homeowners who prefer a more timeless design with
balanced interior design elements may want to participate
in this trend in those spaces that are separate and small,
such as powder rooms, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.
Afterall, it’s just one room!