Carpet Trend: Silky & Soft

Even though the carpet footprint has shrunk in today’s
modern floor plan, consumers are absolutely loving the
luxurious feel of the extremely soft carpet styles. These
synthetic yarns utilize the latest technology to combine
performance with the ultimate comfort. If you’re thinking
about new carpet for a bedroom or family room, here are a
few reasons you may want to consider this carpet trend!

1) Soft Feel: Their soft and silky texture is so dreamy that
you wish you wouldn’t have to put the furniture back after
the installation! Karastan’s Smartstrand Silk and Mohawk’s
Innovia Touch are two popular brands that have the softest
textures on the market. Rivaling the softest make-up
brushes, the feel is truly impressive!

2) Durability: The recent technology creates an extremely
crush resistant yarn that holds its shape and texture.
With the lowest claim rate in the carpet industry, designers,
builders, retailers and homeowners are all happy with
the results.

3) Easy to Clean: Everyone appreciates a carpet that is easy
to clean, but this is especially true for active families with
pets and kids. Bring on the pet stains, coffee, red wine, soda,
pizza sauce and more. These styles are guaranteed to come
clean, and they clean up quickly.

4) Sustainable / Affordable: Most styles are made with
100% recyclable plastics or with 37% less petroleum than traditional nylon brands. This is great for the environment,
and also great on your wallet as most of these yarns are a
fraction of the cost of nylon and wool.

Why I Love Herringbone Design

When I think herringbone I certainly don’t think of the
bone structure of a herring fish (where the name
originates). I imagine beautiful textiles and stunning
interior design concepts! I confess I am an art history
nerd, and being such I wanted to shed some light on this
classic design.

History: Did you know that the herringbone pattern dates
back to the Roman empire? We are talking roughly 500
B.C.! The Romans were a rather ingenious bunch and they
invented this interlocking pattern of criss-crossing
chevrons to absorb the weight of movement on their roads.
The design basically went extinct after “The Fall” until it
experienced a rebirth in the Renaissance. And really, if it’s
good enough for the palace of Versailles, might you want
to consider how to use this design in your modern home?

Classic Modern: These two words have guided several
clients to their style identity. Classic means the design is
founded in history and it will never (NEVER) go out of
style. Modern refers to applying these classic elements
in new and exciting ways. A can’t lose combo if you
wish to update with a sense of timelessness. Take a look
at the various ways herringbone can make your home a
“WOW” today.

Adding Style to Stairs

If you’re like most homeowners who have made the switch from wall to wall carpeting to wood, vinyl, laminate or tile, you may be asking yourself, “What should I do with my stairs?”

This is a common question and 75% of homeowners are selecting patterned carpeting as their solution.  Here are some of the reasons why:

Comfort: Carpet provides a soft, cozy feel that hard surface cannot.  It just feels good under your feet.

Safety: If you have small children, carpet provides a cushion for the fall.  If you have ageing pets, they won’t slip or be anxious to climb them.

Cost: Wood or tile steps are an investment, to the tune of $200-$300 per step factoring in the custom labor to tear off your existing box and to “rebuild.” If you add a carpet runner after the fact, the cost increases.  Patterns installed the full width of the skirt board look like a carpet runner, without the expense.

Style: With so many interesting styles to choose from, it is fun selecting the design that fits your taste.  If you’re bold, select a strong geometric.  If your style is more tailored and simple, choose a subtle texture, but make sure it has “depth” so that it looks more like a “rug” and not basic carpeting.

Durability: The short, tight, patterns and textures will perform beautifully.  Unlike the plush varieties, it won’t crush and “ugly out.”

If you’re concerned about flow and harmony throughout your space and are feeling a little skeptical about adding a texture or pattern to just one area of your home, keep in mind the following tips:

– You can create a custom area rug in the same pattern or texture for your foyer or an adjacent room. This creates more of an “impact” and relates this space to the stairs.

– If you want to separate your steps from your upper level hallway carpeting, add a wood stair nose that matches either your wood railing or skirt board. This way, the last riser is separated from your existing carpet and you won’t have that unsightly carpet to carpet transition.

– Remember, your steps are a separate entity. They are often overlooked for design possibilities and could use some pizzazz!