Cambria for Beauty and Function

I recently had the pleasure of designing a homeowner’s
dream bath! The design process led me down a path
where I used Cambria in both expected and innovative
ways. Beautiful as a counter and tub surround, but also
functional as a shower bench, shower curb, a window sill,
and a vanity shelf detail.

The overall design concept was to create a spa feel;
fresh, clean, beautiful, and timeless. We decided on a
soft color palette consisting of warm greys and clean
whites. Cambria’s New Quay for beauty, and Cambria’s
Whitecliff for simplicity, were perfect choices with this
design objective.

Counters / Tub Surround: New Quay with subtle taupe
tones adds depth and beauty to these spaces. With a
simple ridgeline edge, and a softened square radius, the
lines appear sleek and simple.

Shower Bench / Curb / Wall: Whitecliff has a minimal
style and solid white color tone. These pieces form a neat
“boundary” to hide all of the tile “cuts” and are easy to
wipe clean.

Window Sill: Whitecliff eliminates the issue of moisture
and mildew that can seep into a wood window sill.

Vanity Detail: Whitecliff for this element makes this
custom vanity feel and function more like a piece of
furniture it was created to be, without competing with the
design in the counter.

Quartz is an amazing material for bathrooms because it
won’t stain, requires no sealing (no maintenance yay!),
and of course is available in a variety of styles and colors.
If you need help with selections, my advice is to think
outside of the box, and ask for professional help!

Remodeling Your Master Bath

If you’re considering a master bath renovation, there are several key design elements to think
about. Smart design begins with “function,” or how you use this private space. This approach
leaves many homeowners abandoning the trends of the past to create a modern vision.

Large Walk-in Showers are replacing the shower / tub combo and increasing the bath’s
usable floor space. This shower might have a multiple shower head system and plenty
of room to move around without feeling “cramped.” Doorless construction is highly
desirable, (no glass to clean), but when doorless isn’t possible a frameless or semi
frameless glass door best completes this modern look.

Free-Standing Soaking Tubs have replaced the traditional corner whirlpool unit that
was popular in the 90’s. Soaking tubs are wider and deeper than a standard tub, and
are a luxury to have if you prefer to unwind after a long day. There is no shortage of
styles to select from, but simplicity in form is the most sought after design. Because of
their large size, these tubs often become a feature or “focal point” of the room.

Modern Materials ​include porcelain floor and wall tile in large size formats. Often the
floor tile is repeated in the shower wall for a minimal, timeless look. However, with so
many tile patterns to choose from every homeowner can express their personal style
from classic, retro, whimsical, contemporary, and rustic design options, to name a few.
Sinks are typically an undermount style with quartz surfaces winning out for the most
popular countertop choice.

Luxury Items ​include the addition of in floor heating systems, high tech faucets, mirrors,
and towel warmers. In floor heat pairs well with tiled floors and connects to its own,
programmable thermostat. Touchless faucets and pulsating shower heads come in a
variety of finishes and sprays. Technology allows mirrors to integrate with blue-tooth
systems and towel warmers will dry your towels and help reduce humidity levels in the

When you are designing you master bath, remember to be mindful of the overall style and mood
you want to create. Try not to be “boxed in” with ideas from the past, and step out of your
comfort zone. If you become paralyzed by the possibilities, hire an interior designer to help you
pull together all of the different elements. This is one area where a designer is worth every