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As the cooler temps move in, we start shifting our attention indoors. Most of us can identify with the term “nesting” as we start to prepare our homes (nests) for the holidays. We plan our holiday menus, and examine our rooms and dream of ways to breathe new life into our rooms.

A simple makeover for a room can be easily achieved with a new area rug. But how much should you spend? And how do you decide which style to go with? And what is the appropriate size for your space? If you’ve ever felt this “paralysis of indecision”, this article will give you the confidence to start your search.

Investment: How much should I spend?

Spend Less: The modern way of thinking takes the pressure out of purchasing a rug. Family heirlooms of Oriental/Persian hand-woven styles are a thing of the past. While beautiful, they’re difficult to afford and don’t necessarily fit your evolving style preferences. Today, affordable fashion is in vogue! You can purchase an area rug that you love now, and if you tire of it after a few years, you can afford to replace it. (Plan on spending between $350 – $700 for a 5×7 or 8×10 size if you like affordable fashion).

Style: What is my room’s personality?

Modern: Trending styles include bold, geometric patterns with a clean, crisp feel. Medallions, chevrons, and diamond patterns fit this category and are available in all color palettes. If you want a focal point, select a bold color. If you want a softer, more minimal “layered” effect, go with a neutral tone.chevronbluwhite area rug

Traditional/Transitional: Traditional patterns have been re-designed and have moved into a more “transitional” category where the mood is still “classic” but with a lighter, cleaner look. This category is where the modern damasks, paisleys, sparse botanicals, and minimal plaids can be paired with your traditional décor to give your room an instant update. medallion area rug

Textural: Shag is still a popular choice when it comes to adding comfort and warmth to a room. Metallic shags in neutral color palettes will add a sophisticated feel. A brightly colored shag will add an element of fun.

Size: How do I measure?

Rules: A few basic do’s and don’ts will help you discover the best scale for your room. You don’t want your area rug to look like a postage stamp, but you also don’t want your rug to cover so much of your floors that it looks like the “elephant in the room.” In a room with a sofa and/or chairs, it’s best to at least partly overlap your furnishings onto the rug, as this gives the furniture a more anchored look. For dining room rugs, aim for an extra 18”-24” all the way around the table so that the chairs will still fit on the rug when they’re in use.

Template: If you still have a difficult time visualizing, making a template will definitely help. Newspapers are an effective way to “lay out” your size to see exactly what size works best for your space.

So shop with confidence and give your room a makeover with a new area rug. Ask yourself how much you want to spend, what your style preferences are, and what size you might be needing, and go for it!

Submitted by: Christina Burns – Floors of Distinction.

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