“Working with Christina Burns and the Floors of Distinction staff was a wonderful experience, from the design and envisioning phase all the way through the installation and post-installation process for our floors.  The end results were simply amazing, and better than we could have imagined.  In many ways, it now feels like we have a brand new house!  Thank you very much, Floors of Distinction!”



5 Star Testimonial – Last year about this time my husband and I began researching various candidates to assist us with a complete head to toe update of our home. Not being overly impressed with anyone in particular, a friend of mine referred us to Floors of Distinction – specifically Christina Burns. Although they specialize primarily in flooring, Christina immediately assured me that she could help us with all aspects of our project and boy, did she deliver. She quickly jumped in with both feet and before we knew it, our remodeling job was well under way. Please keep in mind that FOD makes nothing on the referrals they provide but do it as a professional courtesy to make the project run as smoothly as possible. Did I also mention that Christina is an interior decorator as well? What’s more is that she was more conscious of our budget than I was. Everything she suggested was extremely reasonable and to say that FOD was competitive in price would be an understatement. However, that being said it’s really the least important because in the end its customer service that brings people back to a store again and again. It is Floors of Distinction’s customer service that I wish to address. Without going into endless detail, a problem occurred with a fixture that was installed in our master bathroom. Removing and replacing it could have proved to be difficult not to mention costly and messy to say the least. Needless to say, my husband and I were quite upset about the situation mostly because the party that was most likely responsible wasn’t exactly keen on helping out. When I shared my concerns with Christina, her response was simple: “What can we do to make this right? You’re our customer and we want you to be happy.” Guess what? They did something you don’t hear of anymore…they took care of everything. Are we satisfied customers? Absolutely. Will we refer them to our family and friends looking to improve their home? Without a doubt. It’s a rare thing these days to find a company that will stand behind its work let alone the contractors they refer.

Nancy W. via Yelp

It was a lovely experience from beginning to end. They removed the old carpet in the family room and installed the new one in one day. The solarian tiles in the kitchen and entry were difficult to remove, but the installer was very gracious about all the hard work. He went beyond the call of duty, I believe. Very proud of his work, and he should be! The whole experience from the planning stages with Colleen and room measurements through completion of the project was beyond expectations! Thanks, Colleen.

Ingrid N.

We had a hardwood floor installed in the lower level of our home and Floors of Distinction did an excellent job for the selection of wood species to the actual installation of the flooring. They were patient and took their time to describe the differences in the species of flooring and the benefits and downsides of each.

The end product looks great. This was our second experience with FOD and each time they did not disappoint.

Joseph G.

My first project with this store was replacing the vinyl floor in my kitchen, informal dining room, hallway,and three bathrooms. It took a year from the time I started looking for flooring until I actually had the installation done. The staff at FOD were very patient, made great suggestions, answered all my questions patiently, and when I found a vinyl floor online that I was interested in they ordered samples for me because they didn’t carry the line in the store. They were never pushy, but followed up promptly when they promised to do something. The installer was very professional, and has been back since to replace a small part of the vinyl flooring that was damaged (my fault). You can’t even tell it was replaced.
My second project was replacing the carpet in our family room. I chose Karastan, and bought it when it was on sale, so was a reasonable price. Love the carpet! Again, even though I worked with a different person on this project, all my comments from above apply. Installation again very professional and they moved some heavy furniture for a small fee. My latest contract with FOD was for carpet, again Karastan on sale, for dining room and living room. Same experience. Love this store!

Cathy F.

We have worked with this company for over 20 years, purchasing carpet, laminate and hardwood in two complete homes. Very large jobs. Latest project was a two room upgrade of sun room and kitchen floors. Personal attention was, as always, much appreciated. Installer was top notch, and he did an absolutely beautiful job. This is a small company with great integrity and they have an impressive and in-depth selection of products. We would never consider going anywhere else. Everyone associated with the company cares about the product, the client, and the service.

Deb E.

This is the second time that we’ve purchased flooring products from Floors of Distinction. The first was for carpet replacement in a small area and this time for a major “redo” of the vast majority of our living area – living/dining, hallways/closets, kitchen with engineered wood product and 3 bedrooms/entry steps with carpet.

Member Comments:

From start to finish, Floors of Distinction staff was wonderful. Christina Burns provided product guidance and recommendations and was always more than willing to bring additional samples of material. Because of the complexity of removing existing wood floors/sub-flooring, Bruce (the owner) personally visited our house and outlined every possible challenge/cost we could potentially face and was spot-on with his thoughts – we had absolutely no surprises. Bruce, the project scheduler, made the demo and installation pieces came together seamlessly and the crews for both the wood install and carpet install were on time, professional, clean and I’d have to say, exceptional in their craft and work they performed. They have also worked for Floors of Distinction for many years which says alot!
We did have a slight glitch in delivery due to product availability; however, we were notified immediately of the situation when the product was initially ordered and provided with several options to address it. For us, the delay was OK – it gave us time to have other necessary work (e.g. new paint, new doors/trim) completed prior to having the new flooring installed.
This was a costly project and honestly, we believe that “you get what you pay for.” While we could have easily gone to Big Box retailers or other flooring vendors to same some bucks, it is very, very doubtful that they would have been able to provide the in-depth knowledge of flooring and issues that could arise, problem solving and excellent quality and level of service that we experienced with Floors of Distinction which, in the long run, would have cost us significantly more in headaches and dollars.

Duane B.

Wonderful!! I first had Empire come out to give us an estimate, did not like the pressure treatment I received. We have worked with Floors of Distinction before, had a wonderful experience then as well!! Highly recommend them, the nice men who installed the flooring were wonderful, helpful and respectful!! SUPER COMPANY!!!

Debra Y.

We went to Floors of Distinction for advice on flooring for a renovation of a family room on the lower level of our walk-out rambler. Bruce Beaudoin explained the features and benefits of the available options — carpet, ceramic tile, wood, vinyl and cork. It became apparent that a cork floor would not only be ideal for our application, but would be beautiful (and it is!).

We took several samples home, and, with Bruce’s counsel and advice, decided on a product that fit the style of our renovation perfectly. This was for a large family room (about 22′ x 38′) with access to a patio and hot tub outdoors. The functionality of the product is outstanding. The cork panel we chose is very durable, yet retains a supple feel with a little bit of “give” underfoot. The product has handled roller blades, skateboards, basketball and football games, a large dog, and heels of all kinds without any permanent marring or damage. Scuff marks are easily removed with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Cork does not absorb much heat or cold (unlike ceramic tile, for example), so the floor remains comfortable with bare feet in all seasons. With a very small space heater in one corner, we have had 8 kids sleeping directly on the floor with sleeping bags or blankets in the middle of winter with no complaints. Moreover, with all of the traffic back and forth from the hot tub, we have proven that cork flooring is very moisture friendly. The floor has seen a lot of wet feet and dripping bodies, with no impact on the floor whatsoever. Cork repels moisture (think cork in a wine bottle). The brown/gold/tan color mix adds a warm feel to the actual warmth of the product, and the styling of the panel we chose fits our more modern design elements exactly.

Bruce Beaudoin is extremely knowledgeable about flooring. Cork is not as popular as one would think, given all of its advantages, and it really was not on our radar (price probably is a factor, but the product is well worth it to our view). Without Bruce’s advice, we probably would not have considered cork flooring as an option. Floors of Distinction has a large collection of samples and exhibits of cork products. They can show you pictures of cork trees and how the cork is harvested. (Did I mention that cork is a “green” renewable product, as well). Bruce came to our home and took precise measurements. He went over every element of the work in detail (surface preparation, underlayment, dealing with heat registers and sewer clean out, etc.). The work was completed in two days, to perfection, no problems, which stood in contrast to the work being done by the other contractors. Turn key, worry free. We can recommend Floors of Distinction without any hesitation whatsoever.

Steve/Joan W.