Patterns in Hard Surface Flooring

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Patterns in Hard Surface Flooring

Patterns in hard surface flooring can be interesting, unexpected and dramatic. We are surrounded daily by patterns in textiles such as clothing, window treatments, bedding, furniture and area rugs, but how do we best incorporate them into flooring? Let’s consider some options.

Patterns In FlooringSome of the most beautiful flooring patterns can be seen in hardwood combinations through the use of borders or overall parquet designs such as chevron or herringbone.

Hardwood borders can frame a room with their elegant use of contrasting wood species like walnut, cherry, maple, oak, mahogany, teak and purple heart. Laser cut precision allows for construction of the most intricate designs. Because of their eye-catching appeal, many clients are quick to dream of a border in their own home. If you wish to add a border effectively, two important things to consider are furniture placement and architectural symmetry.

Parquet hardwood flooring, though very detailed, can offer a subtle foundation while still making a fashionable statement. Scale, balance and contrast are all necessary components to creating the most aesthetically welcoming spaces.

More Patterns In FlooringOther natural wood products, such as cork, can also be manipulated into burled, blocked or linear designs and can deliver unique character and visual texture to any space. A similar product to cork is Marmoleum Click. It has a cork backing with many of the same benefits of cork however it has a very different visual with many colors and designs to choose from..

Flooring PatternsNatural stone, porcelain or luxury vinyl tiles can bring life to a room by blending different sizes to construct a modular pattern. Rectangular tiles such as 6” x 20” placed in a linear manner can elongate a room, while the same size tiles placed in a herringbone pattern portray a different charm

Incorporating pattern to hard surface flooring is not only visually appealing, but practical as well. Flooring with pattern helps conceal damage and wear, thus making it much more attractive to busy lifestyles. Do you find the idea of patterned flooring appealing, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Our on-staff designers are available to help you incorporate your desired style.

This concludes our three-part series on Patterns in Flooring. We hope this has inspired your creativity to transform your space into something that reflects your individual personality.

Written by Interior Designer – Heather Sandberg