Stairs as a Focal Point

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Stairs as a Focal Point

Stairs. Graceful, winding with beautiful hand crafted woodwork. Not every home is fortunate to have these architechural elements that define a space and make a statement.

Stairs. One of the hardest working areas of your home. How do you incorporate beauty and functionality with a little punch all rolled into one? Color, pattern and texture.

Today’s consumer has so many options available. Trends range from bold, eye popping geometrics stripes and animal prints to subtle small or medium scale patterns and heathered textures. But how does one choose?

It is no longer necessary to match your stairs to the surrounding rooms. A wooden nosing can be installed where steps and landing meet to create a clean break between carpets or consider replacing a hall carpet with wood floors.

Carpeted-StepsDraw attention to the stairs by choosing a pattern to compliment fabrics and wallpaper and by balancing scale and color. Selecting a color combination to bridge palates from multiple levels will help to unite those spaces and still allow your stairs to stand beautifully on their own. This can also be a great solution for those stairs that have seen too much traffic and are begging to be retired.

If you are of the conservative variety, choose a two tone or singlecolor with a quiet medium scale pattern that will introduce a new twist and help to hide traffic patterns. Heathered wools can add a classic, timeless look with this renewable resource providing superior resistance to traffic and soil.

Whether you choose to install your pattern wall to wall or as a runner will depend on your stairs. If yours are of the unfinished variety, a fully carpeted stair with a tightly upholstered nose can define each step and command more attention.


Wood treads and risers are a relatively simple addition to a project and create that “wow” factor with a runner as a beautiful finishing touch. Don’t be afraid to walk on the wild side. Let your personality shine through and have fun. Our designers are always available to help guide you through the process.

Look for next month’s article on incorporating pattern into your hard surface flooring.

Written by Interior Designer – Colleen Kelly