Master Suites – Creating A Sanctuary with Color and Carpet

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Master Suites – Creating A Sanctuary with Color and Carpet


The master suite is getting a lot of attention in 2016.  Many working Americans who spend a lot of time at the office agree that a relaxing master suite is just what they need to re-charge. Interior Designers are encouraging homeowners to create a “suite-like” mood for this special space.

One way this can be achieved is by creating a connectedness from the bedroom into the master bath by using a palette of harmonious colors that flow from one space to the other.  These rooms can be an entirely different look from the rest of the main living areas so that they feel special and trigger a “slowing down” for the day.  Individual style and color preferences vary with the uniqueness of each client and each space, but a modern, updated look involves painting the walls of the bedroom and bath with the same paint color. Unifying the rooms in this way makes the entire space feel expansive yet connected.   

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Think about your color palette preferences, and remember that this is a restful area. Splashes of color and contrast create visual interest and are best kept to smaller scale accessories versus an entire wall.  Accessories such as pillows, bedding, window coverings, and other objects can be more bold and contrasting, and should also be “cross-pollinated” from the bedroom into the bath to achieve this harmonious look.   Many clients are wanting to achieve a “spa-like” feel, which includes simplicity in design and neutral color tones. Restful and tranquil color palettes are highly recommended for a good night’s sleep.

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Carpet is the ultimate flooring choice for creating a soft and comfortable feel and a quiet and tranquil mood in the master suite. Modern styles include a wide range of patterns from subtle textures that you can barely perceive, to tasteful prints that show the personality of each homeowner. There is no shortage of choice, as there are hundreds of carpet patterns and colors to select from.  Most of these patterned styles are low, tailored styles, and they look and function more like an area rug that has been stretched in to fit the entire room. Yet with the carpet cushion installed underneath, the comfort surpasses what an area rug can achieve.

Other styles include the softest yarns on the market that feel like silk to the touch yet are easy to clean due to modern technology. If you opt to place your toes into the luxurious feel of silk each morning, and don’t mind the fluffy tracks your feet leave in the room, these styles would also be an excellent choice.  Transitioning from a hardwood flooring in the hallway into a room with a stretched in carpet signals a subliminal change that says “This is my haven where I can unwind.”

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Definitely explore the latest carpet styles that are on trend for 2016 because carpet for the master bedroom is still a great choice to consider to create the sanctuary away from the rest of the home.


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Written By: Christina Burns,
Interior Designer & Co-Owner – Floors of Distinction, Inc.