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When making a major purchase, most people consider quality, price and convenience, but how many seek out products specifically made in America? The flooring industry is a success story when it comes to offering products made in America and the benefits of purchasing flooring made in the U.S.A. can affect each and every one of us.

What are some benefits of buying American?

Stronger Economy

FactoryPurchasing products made in the USA, supports American workers, promotes safe working conditions and improves the economy. The following mills create jobs for millions of our families and friends that keep America growing independent and strong. These companies are deeply committed to their communities and domestic manufacturing.

Shaw, Mohawk, Camelot, Royalty, Tuftex, IVC Vinyl Homerwood, Somerset, Armstrong, and Mannington just to name a few.

Controlled Regulation and Safety

HandScrapeThe U.S. has been flooded with cheap foreign made hardwood products, many of which do not perform. Manufacturers such as HomerWood, based in Titusville, PA produce high-quality, Amish hand-crafted flooring from lumber supplied from sustainable, managed local forests. Their products are Carb II compliant, have zero off-gassing and no urea-formaldehyde which means a cleaner, safer environment for homeowners. Their brand has stood for quality, integrity and innovation.

Somerset Hardwood Flooring in Somerset, Kentucky is a member of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) which provides certification that materials have been harvested from well-managed forests.

It is also a proud member of Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc. “AHMI has verified data from the U.S. Forest Service that timber harvesting from the Appalachian Hardwood Territory as defined by AHMI is able to meet present needs without compromising those of future generations sustainability.”


Many consumers here and abroad believe American made goods are generally better because they are built on a tradition of quality and craftsmanship. Consumers however are not the only ones who prefer quality products. Installers also prefer to use materials that have more precise milling and consistent finishes. Purchasing quality products means there is more usable product per carton and less waste to the consumer. Some manufacturers produce longer board lengths or variable widths to create an individual and unique look.

Asking the right questions about your flooring selections will help determine the right product for your project.


Shipping from overseas can lead to increased pollution and longer lead times to customers. Buying American-made products greatly reduces the likelihood of materials sitting in containers with undependable delivery dates. As a consumer, that means projects can be scheduled more accurately and completed in a timely manner. Anyone who has ever run short of material during installation surely knows the value of getting additional material quickly. Domestic manufacturers are often able to accommodate such requests.

If you find these benefits appealing or wish to learn more, please feel free to visit our showroom to see many of these products installed or in large sample format. Our on-staff Interior Designers can help further educate you on which materials will best match your desired function and style. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Submitted by Heather Sandberg / Interior Designer