The fastest growing product segment in floor covering today is Luxury Vinyl!

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The fastest growing product segment in floor covering today is Luxury Vinyl!

That is what the WFCA Market Trends Study recently stated. Manufacturers have developed a state-of-the art replication processes to capture the look and graining of real wood (LVP), along with natural stone and tile (LVT) “It looks so beautiful that people can’t believe it is vinyl and not real wood or tilesays Annette from Floors of Distinction.

This is not the typical sheet vinyl instead it is individual tile or plank pieces that are installed in one of three ways – floating with a click lock or stick together application or glued down. For years, LVT has been used commercially where durability and great looks are essential. However, now more than ever, luxury vinyl has become high fashion style for the home.

As an alternative to natural stone and ceramic tile, an LVT floor with it’s incredibly texture and variation makes it look like stone however, it feels entirely different. It is a warmer and more comfortable flooring under foot and absorbs sound for a quieter home. It is also more forgiving. “If you drop something on ceramic, stone or wood, you may either break that tile or damage the piece of wood. If it’s glass, it most certainly will “shatter” when it hits those floors. None of this is a concern with LVT” says Annette.

Luxury Vinyl TileThere is a variety of LVT styles available. Slate, Marble, Terracotta Tile, Travertine Tile, and Brushed Concrete are just a few of the options. Mixing sizes and shapes creates patterns or install square tiles on a diagonal. Use 12” x 24” rectangular tiles in a herringbone design and install any of them with or without grout – the options are endless. The other great thing about LVT is it’s not just for the floor! It can be used as beautiful backsplash or other focal wall. And when you compare the price of luxury vinyl to stone or ceramic installed, it is a great value.

LVTIf you prefer the look of natural hardwood, many options are available here too. Choose from exotic to domestic looking hardwoods. Then select either a smooth surface that shows off the beautiful grain of the wood or the more textured look of wire brushed or hand scraped hardwood. It’s available in a variety of widths from feature strips to 4”, 5” & even 7” widths that are so popular in wood flooring today. LVT is perfect if you want to bring the texture and warmth of h a r d wood floors to the lower level without the c o n c e r n about moisture. They are also scratch and dent resistant so dogs – no problem!

The benefits of luxury vinyl are numerous. It is slip resistant, water resistant and easy-to-clean. The surface repels stains and soil, and the stain-resistant grout requires no sealing. Come in today and see why luxury vinyl with its exceptional aesthetics will be a great addition to any room in your home.


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