It’s been a full year!

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Let Talk Flooring

It’s been a full year that Floors of Distinction has been giving product information on the most current and popular flooring options. We would like to take this month to recap the past year in case you missed any articles.

In January we talked about Wool. Wool is naturally soft to the touch and is comfortable, strong & durable with a patina and luster like no other fiber. Its many benefits are that for allergy sufferers, it captures dust and pollen, that it does not promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites and that it does not give off harmful emissions. Additionally, it is naturally flame retardant and self-extinguishable, removes moisture in high humid months and adds it back in low humid months and is naturally soil and crush resistant. Best of all, it is a natural, renewable and recyclable resource.

In February we went over what is Linoleum flooring. When some customers come in looking for vinyl, they will ask, “What do you have in a Linoleum?” Linoleum however, is not a vinyl at all. It is made up of a composition of natural ingredients from primarily renewable resources. Linoleum creates a healthier environment indoors as well. Marmoleum Click is the first flooring product to be awarded the Asthma & Allergy friendly™ Certification Mark. It is beautiful, durable, comfortable and allergen-free with endless color and design possibilities.

CorkIn March we emphasized the benefits of Cork. Because of the natural qualities and makeup of cork, it allows it to be warmer and quieter than other hard surfaces. It is resilient and durable and naturally anti-microbial and resists moisture too. It is a sustainable and renewable resource that comes in many visuals that make it easy to decorate around.

In April the Trend Alert was Hardwood Floors – Today there is many looks in hardwood to choose from – distressed styles, wide-plank, and oil finishes are just a few we mentioned. Distressed styles are “livable” and allow consumers to not worry about scratches and dings in their floors. Wide-Plank hardwoods have arrived and are here to stay and can be used with the looks that range from rustic cabin to contemporary & modern looks.

A wider plank visually lengthens and widens the perspective of your room, helping to make the smallest space feel large. Many of the wide looks also come in an Oil finish – the latest trend in hardwood floors. If you like distressed and wide plank styles, consider this option. They can be more forgiving than other finishes because if you find a scratch within a board, simply dab oil on a damp cloth, rub, and your floor will look like new. There are so many options nowadays with hardwoods that you will just have to come in and see for yourself.

WoodJuly’s articles was about “The fastest growing product segment in floor covering today – Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Planks!” Manufacturers have developed a state-of-the art replication processes to capture the look and graining of real wood (LVP), along with natural stone and tile (LVT). As an alternative to stone or wood flooring, an LVT floor feels entirely different. It is a warmer and more comfortable flooring under foot and absorbs sound for a quieter home. It is a perfect option if you want the texture and warmth of h a r d w o o d floors for instances, without the concern about moisture, scratches and dents. Tile tile and stone looks will also be warmer and more forgiving if you drop something on them. The benefits of luxury vinyl are numerous too. It is slip and water resistant, repels stains and soil and is a great value when compared to the alternative.

We have also recently gone over: Why work with an Interior Designer that specializes in flooring when selecting flooring options, and a three part series on Patterns in Flooring and how to implement them in your decorating. We hope you have found these articles informative and have you thinking about your next flooring project.

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