Why Work with an Interior Designer when selecting flooring?

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Why Work with an Interior Designer when selecting flooring?

While others may be able to tell you why a certain floor is functional and how it will perform, an interior designer that works exclusively for a flooring store can help you not only with those concerns but also with choosing a floor that will look beautiful in your room. They can give

personal attention to your specific needs by taking into consideration what you already have, what you may be changing (like the color of the walls) and marring them together with the type and color of flooring that works perfectly for you home.

Floors of Distinction Interior DesignerFloors are the foundation for the overall room therefore really need to be thought about before you start your remodel project. Since the floors are such a large part of what’s going on in a room, it is important to select flooring that will bring visual interest by selecting textures, colors and shades which all help to separate other elements in the room and bring in contrast. You also want to select the type of flooring that will give you the best performance for your lifestyle. This is specifically where having input from an Interior Designer with a flooring background can really help.

Color dictates a large part of the flooring decision. You can incorporate the increasingly popular Greys into a room to make it soft and cozy or light and modern.

You can use color like a smoky grey stained hardwood floor to add softness to a room or install a dark brown to almost black floor to add sophistication. To go modern, set a darker floor against a lighter wall however set them against rich hues and it creates a warm intimate feeling. To make a room feel more spacious, use light colored carpets and blonde tone hardwood. If this sounds confusing don’t worry, a designer can help create your perfect style.

After the color selection, then you may need help in selecting a texture that would bring visual interest. For instance in hardwood today, the hand scraped and wire-brushed textures along with the wider widths are extremely popular. Many may feel that these looks are only for a rustic settings but today they are popular in even the most modern of rooms. In carpets, texture is created by the width of the yarn to give it a finer or chunkier look, by the pattern created by colors, or by the high and low cut & loop carpets that add a multi-dimensional look.

Designers are able to help with pulling your whole house together or just one room and answer design or color questions you may have. It is recommended that you collect samples of fabrics from furniture, draperies and paint colors to help with the selection of the right flooring to compliment what you already have. For wood, laminate or luxury vinyl flooring selections we recommend you bring in a cabinet door or drawer. This will help in the selection of flooring that will either blend or give you the contrast you are looking for. It is also helpful to decide approximately how much you want to spend on your flooring, that way a designer can help you choose quality and value for your flooring needs.