What are the Carpet Trends going forward in 2016?

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Carpet – What are the trends for 2016

Each New Year, as we take a look forward, we often think “What projects do I want to accomplish this year?” Well when it comes to our homes, there has been a surge in remodeling projects and carpet is enjoying its place in this process.  What are the Carpet Trends going forward?



Carpet trends have changed over the years. Homeowners are no longer running carpet throughout the home as you would have seen back in the 70’s and 80’s and into the 90’s.  Hard surfaces have taken over the larger areas of the home which leaves carpet being used as a statement piece perhaps in an office, family room, and bedroom or on the stairs.  Clients are looking for environments that are soothing and options that are long-lasting and personally tailored to their taste, character and lifestyle.  Carpet will offer that along with a comfortable floor covering material for that specific area.  It can fill this need because of the limitless decorative possibilities, vast range of colors available, global pattern influences and new materials that resist stains or have added stain protections.

You can create luxurious spaces or fun spaces with all the new patterns available out there from many different manufacturers. A particular favorite of mine is the Moroccan trellis look from Milliken.  Their new collections offer great texture and large-scale patterns that gives the homeowner something that they can really make their own.  They also have a great looking linen design and styles that combine various yarns creating subtle hints of sparkle or texture so the offerings are endless.

 Wool too has seen resurgence in recent years. Because clients are showcasing a single room, they don’t mind spending a little more on a product that will really personalize their space. For a small up charge, many companies even offer custom dying so the client can really personalize the space.   However, you can find wool in a variety of styles, colors and price points so you don’t have to always spend a lot to get the look of wool.

When it comes to something long-lasting, consumers now have a solution for even the toughest issues with the great new fibers. Mohawk and Karastan have a great product with their SmartStrand Forever Clean.  One of the benefits is that it has permanent, built-in stain and soil protection that never wears or washes off and a Nanoloc Spill Shield for quick and easy cleanup.  When you see a white carpet immersed in wine come clean with just a little water clean-up, you too will want to have it somewhere in your home.  For a soft, luxurious feel then SmartStrand Silk Forever clean gives you all of the above attributes but is super soft for those areas you are looking for softness and comfort.

Another great product is StainMaster PetProtect nylon carpets with its built in stain protection. It releases pet hair easily when vacuuming and resists pet stains and can even be cleaned with powerful peroxide based cleaning agents for thorough cleaning of pet accidents.babycrib wool ad

So really the questions to ask yourself is: What room do I want to start on this year?  What is the main purpose of that room?  Will it be for entertaining or for personal comfort?  Once you decide, then stop in and ask an Interior Designer to help you find that perfect product for your needs.

Submitted by Annette Schwartz of Floors of Distinction