DESIGN TRENDS: Remodeling Your Master Bath

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 If you’re considering remodeling your master bathroom, there are several key design elements you need to think about.  The most successful design plans begin with “function,” which means you should start with the simple question of how you want to use this private space.  Homeowners who have taken this approach have abandoned the trends of the past and have created a new look for 2016.  The following is a list of the results: 

• Large Walk-In Showers
The results are in and more Americans are taking showers versus bathing.  Consider the fast paced, modern lifestyle and perhaps we have our answer as to why.  Many homeowners are no longer afraid to abandon the tub altogether if it means they will gain a larger shower footprint.  As an interior designer, I find that more and more clients are dreaming about creating a walk-in shower.  This shower might have a multiple shower head system, no door if possible (no glass to clean), and plenty of room to move around and not feel “cramped.”  If a doorless option isn’t possible, frameless glass doors are the next best option to create a modern look.

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• Soaking Tubs
If your bathroom is spacious enough to include a larger shower and a bathtub there’s no need to give up the tub.  Free standing soaking tubs have replaced the corner whirlpool units of the 90’s.  Soaking tubs are wider and deeper than a regular tub, and are a luxury to have if you prefer to unwind at the end of the day.  There is no shortage on styles to select from, but simplicity in form is still the most sought after design.  Because of their large size, these tubs often become a focal point of the room.

• Materials
Porcelain tile for the floor and shower walls remains the most popular material choice for the master bath.  Top trends include larger tile sizes with tiny grout joints that can be used for the entire area for a clean, simple look. For example, floors that incorporate a 12”x24” modern rectangular size might also use the same 12”x24” size for the shower surround.  Of course the sky is the limit regarding personal style and there is no shortage of options to choose from.  

  Porcelain tiles that look like natural stone (elegant), natural hardwood (rustic), subway tiles for shower surrounds (classic), and bold, colorful patterns (bohemian) are all trending for 2016. 

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• Luxury Items; In-Floor Heat
For those of us who live in the northern states, in-floor heat underneath the floor tile was the most popular luxury item for master bath remodels.  In-floor heat will make the floor tile feel like warm, baked sand.  This feature will add roughly $15 a square foot to your project cost, and can be connected to its own programmable thermostat. 

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The key point to remember is to be mindful of the overall style you want to create for the entire master suite.  As mentioned in last month’s article, the master bedroom and bath should be in harmony with each other to create a feeling of continuity.  So really the questions to ask yourself is: What room do I want to start on this year?  What is the main purpose of that room?  Will it be for entertaining or for personal comfort?  Once you decide, then stop in and ask an Interior Designer to help you find that perfect product for your needs.

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Written By: Christina Burns,
Interior Designer & Co-Owner – Floors of Distinction, Inc.