Why Buy Hardwood Flooring?

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Why Should I Buy a Hardwood Floor?


In today’s flooring market, fashion and technology have combined to provide an endless sea of flooring choices.  Luxury vinyl planks and laminate floors that mimic real wood flooring offer a low maintenance, durable, and cost effective alternative to hardwood floors.

With the popularity of these synthetic options, the question that I continually get asked, is why should I buy a hardwood floor? This article is a response to that question.


Environmentally Friendly

Wood floors are sustainable. It is a myth that buying a wood flooring depletes resources.  “For every tree that is cut down for use, another 1.66 is planted” according to the USDA Forest Service. 

Wood floors have longevity like no other floor and can last for generations. (They are easy to repair so they don’t need to be replaced). 

Wood floors also help to reduce our landfill volume, which is a growing concern for many Americans who are concerned about polluting the environment. When hardwood floors do need to be taken out, they can be recycled or burned for fuel. 



Wood floors can stand up to active lifestyles, but it’s important to understand the differences in the   choices available.  Some species are harder than others and will resist denting more than others.  The Janka hardwood scale explains the density of the various types of wood.

Distressed styling techniques like hand-scraped, wire brushed, and oil finishes are extremely popular with families that have active lifestyles. Scratches, dents, and dings can be sanded out in smooth wood floors, but with distressed floors the idea is to “let life happen.”   The scratches and dents simply add character and look appropriate. 

Health Benefits


Flooring makes up a large surface area in our homes.  As homes are being built more efficiently, indoor air quality is becoming an important topic of conversation.  Wood floors actually improve air quality because they are easy to disinfect.  They don’t trap harmful allergens or pesticides, and dust, pet dander, and mold can be eliminated easily. 

Wood floors are a natural resource, and they help us to feel connected with the earth, psychologically. There’s no flooring substitute for the warmth and character of a hardwood floor.

Investment Value

Hardwood floors can last for hundreds of years if properly maintained. They add more value to a home than any other flooring surface. Homes being sold today that can boast “hardwood floors throughout” will sell twice as easily and for 10% more than a comparable home without hardwood floors. 

Wood floors can be restored, refinished, repaired, or recolored, depending on individual style preferences. No other flooring offers this adaptive quality, which is why a hardwood floor can last the lifetime of a home. 


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Written By: Christina Burns,
Interior Designer & Co-Owner – Floors of Distinction, Inc.