Hardwood Floors – Trend Alert!

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Hardwood Floors – Trend Alert!

From distressed styles, wide-plank and oil finishes, how do you select the hardwood floor that suits your style? Let’s sort through your options:

Distressed hardwoods have taken over the flooring industry! Hand-scraped varieties are scraped by hand or machine to produce a time-worn feel. Chatter marks, awl indentations, and chamfered edges simulate decades of wear. Hand-sculpted varieties offer a cleaner, subtle scrape without any additional markings. Wire-brushed styles remove soft, pulpy wood grain leaving hard grain exposed and highlighted. Reclaimed styles imitate wood that has been salvaged from warehouses, barns, and factories. These reproductions are heavily textured and
can feature deep cracks, 2 & 3 part stains, raised knots, and wood plugs.

Distressed hardwoods are a popular choice for active households. Because all hardwood floors will scratch, these ” If you enjoy entertaining, or want to raise your kids and pets consider a distressed style.

“Distressed styles are “livable” and allow consumers to let go.”

Plank hardwoods have arrived and are here to stay. Previously associated with a New England style home or a wide planks are now used with contemporary widths, with garde. For the width has quickly become a number widths from a decade ago.

“Consumers are comfortable knowing that a 5” wide plank is no longer a decorating risk. The 3 1/2” width is the ‘new narrow’.”

Think your room is too small for wide planks? Think again. A wider plank visually lengthens and widens the perspective of your room, helping to make the smallest space feel large. Oil finish hardwood floors are the latest trend. If you like distressed and wide plank styles, consider this option. Most hardwoods are sealed with a urethane finish. Unlike urethane, (a plastic coating), an oil finish is natural and easy to apply yourself. While urethane sits on top of the wood, oil penetrates deep into the wood grain and offers superior protection and performance. If you find a scratch within a board, simply dab oil on a damp cloth, rub, and your floor will look like new. Also, conditioning the wood yourself eliminates the expense of a professional refinisher. If the maintenance doesn’t deter you, give this style a look.

“Interior Designers and wood enthusiasts appreciate the natural feel that oiled hardwoods provide.”


There you have it; top trends in hardwood flooring! Intrigued? All of these wood trends are installed in our beautiful showroom for you to see.

Written by Interior Designer
Christina Burns
Wood - Plaza Hickory - Genesee LR1

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