Trends in Kid’s Bedrooms – From Teens to College

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Trends in Kid’s Bedrooms – From Teens to College

 A teenager has a different view of their bedroom than perhaps their parents have. They consider their room as a multi-purpose room and not just for sleeping.  

It needs to be versatile enough to spread out homework, hang out and lounge with friends, and perhaps less important to them – a place to sleep.   Include your teen to incorporate what they are interested in, be that sports, dance, fashion etc. while designing the following areas.   

 For teens, navy is still popular with boys and purple with girls. Vivid turquoises, lime greens and coral pinks are lively colors are also popular. Trending with designers are varying tones of gray. Gray is a perfect “neutral” to let other colors pop and it’s gender-neutral. The 2016 ASID home in Edina was a perfect example of this.  Different hues of gray were in each of the youth’s rooms but accented with coral, black, reds and browns depending on their personal preference. 

Furnishings will still be on the modern side however, the look of natural wood is also gaining popularity. The wood panel wall continues on trend as a design statement.  It adds an earthiness to the room. 

This can also be accomplished by the flooring choice you make.   The reclaimed wood look is a way to add nature and texture but it also hides dents and scratches.  You can also achieve this look by using a laminate or luxury vinyl plank to keep costs down. 

Carpets that have patterns are also great as a wall-to-wall option or as an area rug.  Use colors, patterns and textures in bedding, draperies and accessories which are easily changed as tastes change. 





 Design Trends For:

–  A sleep area

Consider upgrading to a double or queen bed for comfort and aesthetics. Platform beds work great for basement or attic bedrooms that may have height and light limitations.  It also makes the room appear more spacious with more wall space behind the bed for posters, murals or storage.



–  Storage

Dressers, under-the-bed drawers and storage bins are great options to keep things organized. Wall units that surround the bed work for storage and showing off collections of things your teenager is interested in.  Storage benches/ottomans for scarves, socks and accessories also double up as extra seating.   To keep things up off the floor, hooks on the walls and on back of doors makes it easier than using hangers.

–  A Hangout Spot

Have plenty of cozy seating to hang out with friends, read a book, talk on the phone, or game. To accomplish this use bean bags, gaming chairs or create a window seat nook.   

–  A study area

A table style desk that allows kids to study next to a parent or a friend is perfect. Add storage on the sides and above in shelving or cubicles.   



All of these trends can easily be packed up and moved for their next phase – college – how perfect!



Written By:

Annette Schwartz,
– Floors of Distinction