Trends in “Pet-Friendly” Flooring

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Trends in “Pet-Friendly” Flooring

There is no need to sacrifice comfort, style, and design when it comes to flooring choices in order to have a pet-friendly home.

Finding ways to live happily with our furry friends is a concern of many of our customers. They are looking for floors that are slip and scratch resistant and resist wet accidents and damage.    

Also a consideration is pet traction and comfort. Flooring manufacturers have been working hard to address consumers’ concerns by supplying pet-friendly options that are beautiful in both carpets and hard surface products. Here are just a few:


Carpet: From the polymers used to make fiber to the backings that can provide a moisture barrier, carpet is no longer a last choice for households with pets.



 Stainmaster® PetProtect® is made of solution dyed nylon and has built-in stain protection that resists the most difficult pet stains. Its locked in color can be cleaned with powerful peroxide cleaning agents for thorough cleaning of pet accidents.   It also has proprietary technology that makes it easily release pet hair during vacuuming.

 SmartStrand Forever Clean is made with Sorona Triexta fiber. The first new fiber introduced in over 50 years, it not only provides beauty and performance, but has an extraordinary ability to handle all sorts of animal messes. Its built in stain and soil protector never wears or washes off and has zero absorption of liquids. Since pet accidents will not absorb into the fiber it helps reduce common pet-related odors. Karastan and Innovia Xtreme Clean™ are just a few products that are made with this great fiber.


Tigressa H2O™ is specifically designed for active families with children and pets. It features a backing system that prevents liquids from soaking through to the padding or subfloor. That gives you extra time to get to those spills and pet accidents and cleans and releases stains with no chemicals needed.


Hard Surface Flooring:

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are waterproof so you will have no worries over where the pet dish or water bowl sits. Products like Mannington Adura, Armstrong Alterna and COREtec resist staining and if you like the grouted tile look, the grout is also stain-resistant and requires no sealing. The pet friendly part of LVT is that they resist scratching, are easy to clean and are textured to give your pet traction and comfort.  They have great visials of wood or tile and fit perfectely in any room.

Ceramaic or porcelain tile is another option. They have beautiful wood or stone looks and are great for pet traction and pet eating areas.


The above ideas are just a few of the many products that are available to those who want to make the perfect home for themselves and their pets. Stop in at Floors of Distinction to find “Pet-Friendly” flooring options and let us help you make the best selection for you and your pet.


Written By:

Annette Schwartz,
– Floors of Distinction



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